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Repayment Options

  • Step Up Repayment Facility

    Helps young executives take a much bigger loan today based on an increase in their future income, this helps executives buy a bigger home today!
  • Flexible Loan installments Plan

    Often customers, parents and their children, wish to purchase properties together. The parent is nearing retirement and their children have just started working. This option helps such customers combine the incomes and take a long term home loan where in the installment reduces upon retirement of the earning parent.
  • Tranche Based EMI

    Customers purchasing an under construction property need to pay interest ( on the loan amount drawn based on level of construction) till the property is ready. To help customer save this interest, we have introduced a special facility of Tranche Based EMI. Customers can fix the installments they wish to pay till the time the property is ready for possession. The minimum amount payable is the interest on the loan amount drawn. Anything over and above the interest paid by the customer goes towards Principal repayment. The customer benefits by starting EMI and hence repays the loan faster.
  • Accelerated Repayment Scheme

    Accelerated Repayment Scheme offers you a great oppourtunity to repay the loan faster by increasing the EMI. Whenever you get an increment, increase in your disposable income or have lumpsum funds for loan prepayment, you can benefit by
    • Increase in EMI means faster loan repayment
    • Saving of interest because of faster loan repayment
    • You can invest lumpsum funds rather than use it for loan prepayment. The return from the investments also gives you the comfort of paying the increased EMI.
  • Telescopic Repayment Option

    HDFC's new 30 year Telescopic Repayment Option.

    If you are young, employed or self employed, and wish to purchase your own home, you will not have to wait to earn more. You could benefit from HDFC Home Loan Telescopic Repayment Option

    • Longer Repayment Tenure of 30 Years*
    • Smaller EMIs
    • Larger home loan amount
    • Larger home loan amount

    Please note:
    The Telescopic Repayment Option is a new scheme under the Adjustable Rate Home Loan product.
    The scheme is available for Resident Indians for home loans across employment segments.

    * Repayment will not ordinarily extend beyond your age of retirement if you are employed or on reaching 70 years of age if you are self-employed, whichever is earlier. However, HDFC will endeavour to determine the repayment period to suit your convenience.

    HDFC reserves the right to reset the terms of repayment - EMI and / or Loan Term at its sole discretion at any point in time under this scheme. Terms and Conditions apply.