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Issue Of Duplicate Share Certificate



  • What is the procedure to obtain duplicate share certificate(s)?
  • Immediately on being aware of the loss/misplacement of your share certificate(s), kindly follow the procedure mentioned below:

    • Lodge a First Information Report (FIR) with your local police station;
    • Submit your application in writing to the ISD, duly signed by all the shareholders, quoting your folio number, details of share certificate(s) lost, along with a original/certified copy of the FIR.
    • ISD on verification, will mark 'Stop Transfer' against the share certificate(s) reported as lost/misplaced by you for a period of 15 days and will provide you the detailed procedure for issue of duplicate share certificate(s) including the draft of the affidavit and indemnity to be executed by you.

      For specimen of Affidavit and Indemnity. Click here

    • On receipt of all the aforesaid documents, the Corporation will publish a public notice in two newspapers (English & Marathi) giving the details of the share certificate(s) reported as lost / misplaced by shareholder(s), seeking objections if any, to the issuance of duplicate share certificate(s).
    • In case no objection is received within 15 days from the date of the said notice, the Corporation will proceed to issue you the duplicate share certificate(s).



  • What should I do in case I find the original share certificate(s) reported as lost/ misplaced?
  • In terms of the indemnity executed and furnished by you, please return the original share certificate(s) to the ISD for cancellation.




  • What is the procedure for replacement of share certificate(s) in lieu of torn, defaced or mutilated share certificate(s)?
  • Please submit your application in writing to the ISD, duly signed by all the shareholders, requesting for replacement of share certificate(s), enclosing therein the torn, defaced or mutilated share certificate(s).