How It Works

A simple four step process to help you refer your friends.

  • How It Works

    Provide contact details of the person(s) you wish to refer.

  • How It Works

    You  stand to receive a gift voucher of upto Rs. 50,000* on the disbursement of your reference's loan.

How It Works Bottom Image
How It Works Bottom Image
How It Works Bottom Image

After all, friends are the family you choose!

We just need a few details to start the referrel process.

The more, the merrier!!

We just need a few details to start the referrel process.

First, give us a few basic details about yourself
Great, now give us some details about the referee
Have More Friends to Refer?
The more you refer, the more you earn.

Thank you for referring your friend(s) to us.

We will shortly connect with the referred applicant(s).

Frequently Asked Questions

‘Reward for Reference' is Housing Development Finance Corporation Ltd.'s (herein after referred to as “HDFC, Ltd.”) referral programme where existing loan customers of HDFC, Ltd. (“the Referrer”) can refer their friends and acquaintances who may be keen on availing loan from HDFC, Ltd. (“the Referred Applicant”). Both the Referrer and the Referred Applicant get rewarded upon disbursement of the Referred Applicant's loan subject to certain Terms and Conditions

In order to participate in HDFC’s 'Reward for Reference' programme you are required to be an existing Resident Indian ("R.I.") loan customer of HDFC limited who has not defaulted.

Apart from the customers who have defaulted, those who have prepaid or repaid their loans are also not eligible to participate in this programme.

No Non Resident Indian (“N.R.I.”) customers shall be eligible to participate as a “Referrer” under the 'Reward for Reference' programme.

Further, existing HDFC limited customers cannot refer themselves, their spouse, parents, siblings and children under this program.

Additionally, neither HDFC Limited employees nor third party agents (DSA’s/DSE’s/BSA’s), channel partners are eligible to participate in this programme.

The Referred Applicant should seek disbursement within the period of 90 days from the date of sanctioning of the Loan from HDFC for the referrer to be eligible for the reward

The Referrer stands to win a gift voucher up to 0.3 % of the loan amount or Rs 50,000 whichever is lower.

If the person referred by you has already initiated contact with HDFC for availing loan from HDFC , in that case you shall not be eligible for a reward under this referral program. Further, neither the Referrer nor the Referred Applicant shall be entitled to the Reward/ offer (s) under this programme if the Referred Applicant withdraws the loan application and subsequently applies for loan on being referred by the Referrer under this programme.