HDFC Training Centre - Centre For Housing Finance (CHF)

CHF, HDFC’s Training Centre, was established in the year 1989. The centre presents a unique focal point to hold your training programmes/ workshops /conferences /strategy meetings etc. It is a synonym for convenient and hassle-free service.

We at CHF believe that the final word is always that of the customer. CHF offers you service when you need it the most. Ergonomically designed chairs, with seating arrangements which are flexible to suit your requirements and refreshment services at preferred timings make the experience complete and fulfilling in every respect. Moreover, flexible and extendable timings come at no extra cost. A well-equipped library, and above all, a caring and experienced staff who understand your needs are what make CHF truly one of a kind. When you come to CHF, rest assured that the only thing you would need to think about is your training. We'll take care of the rest.

Once you've decided on making your learning and sharing experience a memory to cherish forever, just speak to us. And then, sit back and relax. What's more, as soon as you reach Lonavla, your transport to and from the Centre and your sightseeing trip in and around Lonavla can be managed by us. You have the 6 acre complex to yourself for the entire period of your training. And coming from HDFC, India's premier housing finance institution, you couldn't expect anything short of the best. For us at CHF… you matter.