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This initiative has been undertaken by HDFC for the visitors accessing www.hdfc.com, who may intend to apply for a home loan from HDFC, with the objective of providing an expeditious access for availing your Credit Scores/Report directly from CIBIL, being a product offered by CIBIL for such purpose.

HDFC shall be at liberty to withdraw/remove such facility from its website at any point in time without any further notice.

HDFC has not entered into any partnership, agency, tie-in and/or joint product arrangement with CIBIL.

On exiting the HDFC Website, and prior to using the https://www.cibil.com/creditscore/cibilscore-form-hdfcltd, you are advised to refer, read and understand all terms and conditions, which are specific to such website. HDFC shall not be held liable or responsible for such terms and/or conditions on the https://www.cibil.com/creditscore/cibilscore-form- hdfcltd that you may agree to abide by.

Your decision to avail your CIBIL Score/Report is completely voluntary and if you do not wish to proceed further, you are advised to close the dialogue box.

If you choose to proceed further and abide by these terms and conditions, you shall move out of the HDFC Website.

If you choose to disclose any personal information for or while availing the CIBIL Score/Report, you should be authorized to provide such information. Further, such disclosure shall be made at your sole discretion and HDFC shall not be liable for any usage of your personal information by CIBIL or any claims arising out of such usage by CIBIL. Any information or document that you may provide to CIBIL shall be so provided by you at your risk and responsibility, and HDFC shall not be deemed to have checked, verified or authenticated the factual correctness of the same.

The CIBIL Score/Report, as may be provided by CIBIL, shall be provided to you directly on a principal to principal basis by CIBIL, without any express or tacit involvement, action, inaction on the part of HDFC and HDFC shall not be responsible for the accuracy, completeness and veracity of any and all such information provided.

By agreeing to proceed forward, you shall unconditionally and irrevocably authorize CIBIL to share a copy of your CIBIL Score/Report with HDFC, generated / to be generated by this transaction.

If you choose to proceed further, you shall be authorizing HDFC representatives to connect with you via contact details that you may provide, notwithstanding anything to the contrary that may be contained anywhere, including any registration for DNC/ NDNC.

Information and/or content appearing on the https://www.cibil.com/creditscore/cibilscore-form- hdfcltd, have not been checked, verified or authenticated by HDFC.

HDFC shall, under no circumstances, address any dissatisfaction, concern, grievance, dispute, demands, suit, actions or other proceedings arising out of your transaction with CIBIL and HDFC shall have no role or responsibility at any point in time, towards resolving such concern, grievance or dispute, suit, actions or other proceedings. Further, under such circumstances, there shall be no claim, recourse or remedy against HDFC, whatsoever. HDFC shall not be liable/responsible or be held liable/responsible for any loss or damage arising directly, indirectly or incidentally from or as a result of the following:

Before proceeding further you should have verified that the laws of your country/jurisdiction applicable to you permit the usage of this website from the country that you are accessing the website from.

The users of the https://www.cibil.com/creditscore/cibilscore-form- hdfcltd shall not, from usage of such site, derive any rights, claims, benefits, interests and/or remedies qua HDFC.

The Terms and Conditions shall be binding in nature. By agreeing to proceed forward, you shall have agreed, explicitly and implicitly, to have understood these Terms and Conditions and undertaken to abide by the same, including any changes thereto made by HDFC in its sole discretion, from time to time. HDFC may, at its sole discretion, amend its arrangement with CIBIL, either wholly or partially, at any point in time and without the requirement of any prior notice to or consent of the user.

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