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Home Loans Interest Rates

HDFC Bank offers low home loan interest rates starting from 8.50*% p.a. This rate of interest is applicable to Home Loans, Balance Transfer Loans, House Renovation and Home Extensions Loans.

HDFC Bank offers an adjustable-rate loan also known as a floating rate loan as well as a trufixed loan in which the interest rate on the home loan remains fixed for a specific tenure (say first two years of the entire loan tenure) after which it converts into an adjustable-rate loan.

Adjustable Rate Home Loans

All rates are benchmarked to Policy Repo Rate. Current applicable Repo Rate = 6.50%

Special Home Loan Rates for Salaried & Self Employed (Professionals & Non-Professionals)
Loan Slab Interest Rates (% p.a.)
For All Loans* Policy Repo Rate + 2.00% to 2.65% = 8.50% to 9.15%
Standard Home Loan Rates for Salaried & Self Employed (Professionals & Non-Professionals)
Loan Slab Interest Rates (% p.a.)
For All Loans* Policy Repo Rate + 2.25% to 2.90% = 8.75% to 9.40%

*The above Home Loan interest rates/ EMI are applicable for loans under the Adjustable Rate Home Loan Scheme (Floating Interest Rate) of (HDFC Bank and are subject to change at the time of disbursement. The Home Loan interest rates above are linked to HDFC Bank's Repo Rate and are variable through out the tenor of the loan. All loans are at the sole discretion of HDFC Bank. For further details regarding the loan slabs and interest rates above Click Here

Home Loan Interest Rates - FAQs

Home loan interest rate is an amount charged on the principal by a home loan provider to a borrower for the use of the principal amount. Your housing loan interest rate determines your monthly payable EMI against your home loan.

HDFC Bank is currently offering home loan interest rates starting from 8.50*% p.a. Customers can avail these home loan interest rates along with benefits like a longer& loan tenure of up to, 30 years, end to end digital solutions, customized repayment options and much more! To calculate your EMI visit To apply now for a home loan visit

An HDFC Bank home loan customer can choose between two types of interest rate options while availing a home loan. These are as follows:

Adjustable Rate Home Loan (ARHL): An Adjustable Rate Home Loan is also known as a floating or a variable rate loan. The interest rate in an ARHL is linked to HDFC Bank’s benchmark rate i.e. Retail Prime Lending Rate (RPLR). Any movement in HDFC Bank’s RPLR may effectuate a change in the applicable interest rates.

TruFixed Loan: In a TruFixed loan, the home loan interest rate remains fixed for a specified time period (for eg., for the first 2 or 3 years of the loan tenure) after which it automatically converts to an Adjustable Rate Home Loan with the then applicable interest rates. HDFC Bank currently offers a TruFixed loan where the interest rate is fixed for the first two years of the loan tenure.

The lowest home loan interest rate currently offered by HDFC Bank is 8.50*% p.a.

There are 7 main factors that can affect the interest rate on a home loan-

  •  Interest rate type
  •  Benchmark Lending Rate
  •  Loan To Value Ratio
  •  Financial Profile of the Borrower
  •  Repayment Tenure
  •  Location of the Property
  •  Reputation of the Home Loan Provider

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15 Years

Interest Rate

8.50% p.a.



20 Years


8.50% p.a.



30 Years


8.50% p.a.

For credit score of 800 and above*

* These rates are as on today,

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