Does the thought of giving your home a makeover seem like an expensive affair?

We consult specialists from the home and interiors industry to dispel your anxieties and make redecorating your abode an enjoyable experience. Cheers!

1. Create unconventional wall art

A quirky wall art can be created out of waste wood, chunks and shreds that are left after building furniture. Cut the leftover pieces in any shape, be it rectangular or thin stripes, and arrange them neatly in a pattern. One can also paint them in bright colours.

2. Turn a storage pouf into a planter

Filling a storage pouf with soil and plants, and placing it in a corner of a room gives you a whimsical planter— upscaled old furniture that increases the room’s beauty.

3. Pouf it up

One can never have too many seating options around the house—a fact that is realised right before a big group of company comes a-calling. Rather than investing in a bunch of expensive armchairs, or worse, pulling out some unattractive folding metal seats, add a few poufs to your pad. Sprinkled here and there, they give a laid-back, casual vibe, taking up very less space and provide extra seating whenever needed. They’re also quite big on the global trend!

4. Illuminate your corners

Translate the charm of a light show by using lamps to brighten up any remaining dark or dreary areas in your house. Lighting creates atmosphere, drama and intrigue in a room. When lamps are placed creatively throughout your house, they enhance your décor, adding elegance to the space.

5. Create quirky lamps

Use leftover wood to make unique lamps, painted in bright colours. It will add an edge to your space and create a calm and cosy ambiance.

6. Hang woolen yarn window drapes

Leftover yarns of wool can be used and turned into colourful and elegant curtains that not only give your room the required privacy, but also add a quirky touch to the windows.

7. Frame rugs

Instead of paintings, old rugs can be neatly cut and fit into wooden frames. You can then create a pattern in the lobby of the house, giving it a colourful yet creative edge.

8. Tyre out new things

Take an old tyre, paint it in your favourite colour and place it on a stool to render a new look to your existing, boring stool.

9. Ditch dark drapes

Rather than going for deep- shaded drapes, use lighter sheers to render a feeling of lightness to the room and fill it with positivity.

10. Inexpensive but classy artwork

A lot of people are intimidated by art because it can be expensive. But you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune on it. Create a central point and give your space some wow factor by hanging an oversized piece of art on one of your living room walls. The look is chic and has a high impact, with little hassle.

11. Rug it on

Dress up a room with an Oriental rug, or lighten up a dark room with a white or cream-coloured rug.

12. Go vintage

Antique artefacts, when used to suit a design focus, add character to it. Using them in a modern setting helps to create a multi-layered room that reflects the owner’s unique taste and personality. Isolating them as a focal point (like on a pedestal with a focus LED light on it) enhances the beauty of the space.

13. Embellish with a blend of textures

A layered thoughtful mix of materials and textures can uplift a space, making it look and feel more luxurious. Mix metals, glass, wood, a variety of textiles, and leather items to create a dynamic and inviting space.

14. Accessorise with gold

There are many affordable ways to give a luxurious touch to your home, especially if you think gold. The colour is associated with wealth, and renders an elegant look, as long as there isn’t too much of it in one space. So, accessorise with picture frames, mirrors, candle holders, contemporary tables etc. in golden hues.

15. Let in natural light

There’s nothing as refreshing as natural sunlight to make a home feel vivid and airy—and close to nature. Opt for warm lighting—so into colourful and elegant curtains that not only give your room the required privacy, swap the harshness of overhead lights for a combination of soft task and ambient lighting to achieve a peaceful mood.

16. Window treatments

A home without window treatments look unfinished. Fortunately, these are one of the most budget-friendly ways to add elegance as well as much- needed privacy to your home. Stick with elegant materials such as natural silk, linen and cotton. You can even experiment with woven bamboo shades or wooden blinds.

17. Pop a focal wall

Instead of painting =e entire house, focus on just the main wall, in contrast to the other three walls with vibrant hits of colours like emerald green, orange, sunny yellow, powder blue, rose quartz pink, etc. This pocket-friendly idea will make your living space look chic.

18. Ornate your walls

Apart from adorning your walls with a fresh arrangement of photo frames to create long-lasting memories, look at other trendy options as well. These include using accessories like junk jewellery, hats and plates in different colours, sizes, shapes and textures that could leave you with a unique and an impressive wall art, if, arranged and hung in an artful manner. Shells and other beach bounty too can be used to ornate the walls of an entryway, or a staircase—a simple way to create a mesmerising look.

19. Furnish vs buying furniture

Instead of buying new furniture, which can be a burden on your pocket, add new soft furnishings to infuse modernistic richness to your interiors. Accent cushions with trendy prints, designer table linen, rugs, curtains and cosy carpets, including sofa covers, dining table essentials, etc. Add the furnishings either in bright hues or rich metallic shades of gold, silver and copper to give a sophisticated impression. You can also choose a colour theme and mix and match various fabrics and textures to add a modish and contemporary touch to the living spaces.

20. Reflect your style with candles

Lighting a cluster of candles around the room at different heights or in a modish candle holder is an affordable trick. Otherwise, you can create a rustic look by the fashionable, multi-coloured tea lights or lampshades.

21. Expand your spaces with wall mirrors

To make your living spaces look spacious and stylish, mirrors play a title role. Add a large wall mirror, three-fourths the height of your wall, to widen your tight and compact living spaces—it gives off an illusion of expanse. Also, wall mirrors are known as the original classic interior decorations that make a bold statement.

22. Use multipurpose furniture

To save on cost, avoid cluttering the space with multiple furniture and instead resort to multipurpose ones. These include a combination of two-three round tables, or foldable beds, sofas, chairs and cabinets.

23. Natural accessories

Wicker is an eco - friendly as well as an inexpensive material that accessorises your abode by giving it a natural appeal. Accessories like baskets, showpieces, indoor as well as garden furniture carved out from wicker, is a trendy choice to fulfill the décor requirements within your home in an absolute wise manner.

24. Infuse a splendid showstopper

A centrepiece is the most eye- catchy element of the décor of your living and dining zone. Creating a stunning centrepiece with floating jelly candles or fruity wax candles can be 'crafty' and joyous. Otherwise, to save your efforts and money as well, accessories like pebbles, coloured marbles, potpourri, beads, or seashells placed in a big designer glass bowl can make up for an exclusive, haute centrepiece.

25. Reuse old furniture

Most of us feel that old furniture is of no use. But the fact is that it can serve a lot of purposes, if reused wisely. For instance, an old cabinet can be given new life by coating it with spray paint in whatever design can become an extra table in the patio, while an old teapot can be reused as a flower vase or a tissue holder in the living room.

26. Accent with plants

Any décor is incomplete without flowers and plants. Plants make a place much livelier, greener, fresh and distinguished. What’s more? Adorning the interiors of your abode with plants is a nice and inexpensive affair. Plants and herbs like lavender and rosemary are great mosquito repellents, while flowers like rose and jasmine are fragrant and beautify the décor.

27. Create a rockery flower garden

Or opt for a rockery cacti space. These are easy to maintain and are a visual treat to the eyes.

28. Make your patio or balcony interesting

Add a fascinating element to your patio or balcony. For instance, make a nice multi- floral container, which can become an art piece for your space.

29. Shape your hedges and arches

Many shrubs grow rapidly, and become overgrown, excessively twiggy, and weighted down with excess foliage, making your garden look unruly. If you already have hedges in your garden (growing them afresh may cost!), shape them neatly so that they give your garden an aesthetic appearance.

30. Create movement with a pathway

Pathways are artistic, beautiful and functional. While some kinds can be expensive and time- consuming, you can resort to just filling the path with lots of easily-available gravel and lining the edges with large bricks or stones.

31. Add water features

You don’t need fancy ponds or fountains in your garden or patio. Old or unused urns can be turned into water features with a calming presence. You can even add water lilies to a container with water — they look so pretty and calming!

32. Accessorise to your heart’s content

Accessories like a statute, bird house, bird bath or chimes bring life to a space. You can also resort to a mix of animal- and bird-shaped pots. Use tyres, bottles, drums and wood stumps to create pots. Add a bonsai or a terrarium to break the monotony while also enhancing the beauty of your garden. Go ahead, stick in your green fingers and create.

33. Make a good first impression

Use a dark hue on the entrance door of your apartment and decorate it with planters. If you have a smaller space, choose minimalistic and lighter hues but make sure that your door leaves a lasting impression. If your entrance comes after a flight of stairs, decorate the walls with symmetrical niches of small planters or even frames.

34. Love the neutrals with a tinge of boldness.

It might sound boring, but when you work on a neutral palette, you are giving a volume of admiration to every piece that you set in the room, irrespective of whether it is expensive or not. I personally like to work on neutral shades like whites, greys and beiges. If your home too has a lot of neutral shades, then add pops of colour and texture with accessories. After all, a neutral base lets hotter hues take centre stage.

35. Follow the ‘less is more’ principle

Rather than jamming shelves with knick - knacks, opt for a minimalist look. Several books can stand upright, along with tall vases, to fill the space without overcrowding it. Add objects of various heights and colours to give the bookcase personality. Simply add a chair to a wasted, unused space and turn it into a functional reading nook that can be enjoyed by many.

36. Add elements of surprise

Mix and match designs from different eras. Every room needs a focal point. If you don’t already have one, centre the room around an eye catching wall art or even a pair of dramatic chairs against simple, structured sofas. Pairing and positioning your furniture is the core of eye-catching interiors. Don’t overload it in a smaller area; just choose the perfect shapes.

37. Don’t ignore drama

Paint one wall a dark colour or cover it with textures. For instance, a textured accent wall behind the bed adds warmth to the room and gives it a polished look.

38. Make the ceiling stand out

A great and by far the most tried and tested way of making a home look different is turning the ceiling into a focal point. You can do this by adding a simple but stylish light fixture.A statement light fixture is a must. In case of natural light in the house, place furniture in the room to allow it to add and bring out the hues in the room. You don’t want to add too much of dramatic window treatment in that case. Keep it simple and neutral.

39. Use curved curtain rods to make windows look bigger.

If you have large windows, then this is an amazing opportunity to dress the window well. It’s called balloon drapery and can make any living room look grand.

40. Half-painted walls.

In a smaller, cramped space, have the walls half painted to give off the illusion of a higher ceiling. You can even choose self-designed, panelled wallpaper design to add to the illusion. But, stay away from clashing shades.

41. Stencil a design

Stencils are such amazing things. Just get a wall painted or go ahead and paint it yourself (yes, it is that easy). Then just print a stencil out, get a can of spray paint and create your pattern on the wall. Decal stickers are also available dime a dozen, but customising with your own stencil and making your own pattern will give you a more unique design.

42. Use palettes

These are such versatile materials. Palettes give you a cheap source of pine wood that can be stained, panelled on the wall or refurbished in patterns to give a new and rich look to an existing wall. As the wood comes in the form of planks, these can easily be turned into patterns on the wall (herringbone, chevron, square, etc.), polished or painted into the colour of your choice.

43. Work with cork or fabric pin boards

Cork sheets or fabric pin boards can be panelled on the wall easily. Fabric pin boards add a lot of colour to a space through patterns, type of cloth, and other textures. Cork, on the other hand, can be cut into different shapes—animals, world map, cartoon characters, etc. and put on the wall, to make for an interesting décor piece.

44. Glamorise your mirrors or mirror strips

Nicely ornamented photo frames and mirror frames, or unconventional things, like window frames, add instant glamour to a space. If you are a little more adventurous, you could fix a mirror to a plate or a utensil and play with an interesting collage.

45. Tweaked photo walls

Instead of the usual, done-to-death family photo walls, pick beautiful photographs from a talented photographer of your choice and get those framed. For instance, if you like to travel, pick up pictures of places you want to travel to; if you like music, pick up concert pictures or buy them online. Want to personalise it a little more? Put up prints of your first car, school, college, partner’s first skating class, child's first painting, etc.

46. Shelf it

Put up small and corner open shelves and place knick - knacks on them. An interesting thing available nowadays is the ready-made open shelf, which is easily available at home stores.

47. Bring freshness indoors

Plant broad-leaved greens in groups of clear glass vases and kitchen jars to make small urban terrariums. Place them against windows to have light filter through.

48. Pot centres

Multi - coloured pots are a wonderful complement to flowering plants. This allows for them to be rotated into various rooms. Place these as table centrepieces during a brunch..

49. Hang a pendant

It’s surprising how a pretty, printed pendant shade or lampshade can change the way a room looks. And they need not always be heavy on the pocket!

50. Colour console

Tell a story of collectibles on a table top. Mix and match in photo frames, boxes and vases but with a singular colour attitude that binds a disparate collection together. Ideas include a smart black and white or a blooming tropical rush!

51. Bright Bedding

Happy and bright bedding, like dohars, not only make binge watching or surfing fun, but also make your bedroom look inviting and comfortable.

52. Digital vintage prints

Envision a space that sits between yesterday’s nostalgic art décor and today’s digital art scene. To achieve this look, combine old vintage with techno art. Consider intermixing two, three or more shades and patterns, in common hues or complex arrangements that create vibrant schemes.

53. Ethnic touch

Hand- woven fabrics or raw silk cushions and curtains make for a great concoction of an Indo- European look when mixed with real wood furniture. You can always add a base colour like beige or grey too.

54. Embrace the bling

Add antique gold and silver accents with cabinet handles that are available at bargain markets and accentuate the royal feel. You can even mix silvers, golds and coppers in your artwork, furniture and accessories. The result is a million dollar look and a lavish style that everyone will love.

55. Go red

A statement wall in brick can break the monotony of your room and add character to it. If you don’t have brick walls to expose under the plasterwork, you can get the same effect by using a brick wallpaper—they’re cheaper too!

56. Green your kitchen

Welcoming plants in your kitchen is the latest trend. It not only revitalises your kitchen with fresh energy but also looks great even in a plain, neutral-looking kitchen.

57. Light up the cooking zone

Ditch chandeliers and instead use pendant lights or ceiling LED lights to illuminate the cooking zone. These are beautiful and pocket-friendly.

58. Play with contrast

To give your kitchen a trendy look, paint the cabinets in Pantone shades of the year and contrast with the accessories in your kitchen.


59. Steel vs brass

Replace the steel handles in your kitchen with brass ones, which are trending currently. Simply doing this gives it a fresh look.

60. Adorn your walls

To turn your ordinary, boring bedroom into like a ritzy sleeper’s paradise in a pocket–friendly budget, adorn your walls with accent wallpapers These make your bedroom look chic, lively and fresh.

61. Add a modern yet classic element

Add contrasting metallic, printed cushions onto your bed for an instant uplift.

62. Design a headboard

For your old bed and make it look ornate as well as classy.

63. Metal or wooden drapery rods

These lift the tone of the ceilings and create an overall grandiose ambiance in a pocket - friendly manner.

64. Bathroom mirrors

Nothing makes a bathroom feel grander than a mirror that reaches the ceiling. Also, this will double the impact of the light in it.

65. Design flower artwork

A symmetrical grouping of flower prints turns a blank wall space into a conversation piece. Just frame a series (you can find these in old gardening magazines and books!) and display them together for a stunning wall exhibit.

66. Replace knobs

Change the old knobs of your vanity cabinet in the bathroom with new ones in metallic shades or with arty and colourful ones.

67. Pattern play

Tip the style scale of a basic living room by updating an existing rug with a dose of notched-up pastels. Use painter’s tape on an sisal rug to create clean outlines of your desired geometric pattern. Apply interior latex paint with a paintbrush or foam roller.

68. Freshen up frames.

Revitalise an existing gallery wall by painting wooden frames with varying springtime shades, like pink, cerulean and sunny yellow. For floral flair, add silk flowers to your wall art.

69. Prop your mirror against the wall

Skip the drama of a hammer and nails. With a beautiful frame, it not only becomes impactful art, but also when angled against the wall, it tricks the mind into thinking the ceiling line is even higher than it is.

70. Book it

Turn a stack of old books (which you will not read) into a side table by placing a tray on top!

71. Coast along

Turn inexpensive coasters into graphic wall art. Tape pretty letterpress coasters to colourful cardstock and display in ready- made frames.

72. Make a makeshift canopy

Let a curtain panel or an old sheet act as one and use curtain rods to attach it to the wall. Hanging the panel from the ceiling accentuates the architecture of the room.

73. Go natural

Why spend lots of money on accents when you can find beautiful pieces just by stepping out your front door? Tall birch tree limbs become art when propped against the wall. You can even turn one into a floor lamp by using a lamp kit and adding a shade. Also, consider driftwood branches, twigs in tall vases, or bowls of rocks and shells.

74. Dress up plain chairs

Add a colourful scarf or fabric runner to plain chairs to render colour to a room. You can even change it on a whim!

75. Cook up a storm

Fill empty kitchen walls with cooking essentials like pots, pans, baking supplies, and utensils. When hung in multiples, they make for great wall art. Bonus: These supplies are easy to find when cooking in a hurry.