Make way for a skillful balance of energies in your home to bring in that extra sunshine and cheer into your family life.

Everyone loves a little bit of extra luck. Read on as the ancient Chinese art and science of feng shui helps you flow in the vital, winsome chi.

Out and Around

Do away with the presence of obstacles in front of the entrance to your home.“There should be no hindrance herein the form of trees, poles, or sharp pointed structures jutting out, as they block the smooth flow of energy into your home,” explains Aparna Agarwal, Singapore-based feng shui master; proprietor of Fortune Feng Shui; and Secretary of the International Feng Shui Association.

Yet if there is open space to the back of your home bring in the trees. “Growing trees in this part makes the place yin. It enhances the stability for family members”, says feng shui expert Sarita Jain of the Sarita Jain Institute of Metaphysics in Mumbai. “Quite often there are open drains or monsoon drains to the front, back, left, or right of our properties. These, in feng shui terms, are called ‘cutting feet water’, and must be covered as they create untold problems for residents. Water stands for wealth and abundance in feng shui, but such drains represent ‘negative water’ as they carry dirt”.



Feng shui master Aparna Agarwal tells you the rules of thumb.

  • The obstacle star of 2014 resides in the north-west sector. Minimize the use of this area. Place six coins in a round metal bowl hereto minimize negative effects.
  • The south-east is the sector for wealth energy. Enhance it using fresh green plants, water paintings, and green and blue colours here. Avoid metal objects, and related colours like white, silver, golden, and grey.
  • The south is the sector for new opportunities. Foliage and red candles work well here. Avoid water, black and blue colours.

Water Factor

“At any point, have only one water feature in your home. It can be located in the south-west, north, east, or south-east part of the house. In 2014, the south-west direction is the best sector to place a water feature like a fountain or an aquarium,” says Sarita. (Moving water attracts wealth) While you bring in the blue, desist from wasting it.“Leaking taps drain the wealth of the house,” cautions Aparna.

Step Within

“Your main entrance should be broad, well-lit and uncluttered,” says Sarita, as opposed to low, tight, and dimly-lit.“Completely avoid scattering shoes at the entrance, scattered footwear spreads negative energy”, says Aparna.“Alternatively, you could have shoes kept neatly arranged in a shoe rack.”Avoid placing the rack at the entrance of your home as it leads to negative and stagnant energy. Also, positioning footwear in concealed closets at the main entrance that runs above the head level is bad feng shui.

Sometimes the front and back door of a home are in a single line. “To avoid chi from rushing in and then out, move one door out of line,” advises Sarita.“The chi in any property should settle, linger, and then move out for the residents to benefit.”

Into the Rooms

“Avoid placing a moving water feature or even a water-related painting in the bedroom, as it signifies wealth and we cannot put our wealth to sleep”, advises Aparna. In addition to this, your bed must not face a mirror or an en-suite bathroom door. When you sleep, negative chi leaves your body. If there is a reflective surface facing you, the negative chi will be unable to exit. In the kids room or in your study, the desk should be placed with a solid wall behind and open area in front."This opens up new opportunities”, she adds.

What’s Cooking

“Avoid placing your kitchen stove in the north-west sector of the house. If unavoidable, then opt for a metallic stove and place some heavy metal around it”, , suggests Aparna. The stove brings in fire elements. When it is placed in the north-west sector, it negatively impacts the flow of wealth, luck, and harmony.“The stove must not be visible immediately when you enter the house through the main door. This equates to losing opportunities”, adds Sarita.

The Basics of Feng Shui

Feng shui expert Sartita Jain apprises us of the basics.

South Fire South-West,North-East Passion and high Energy Red, pink, purple, orange, bright yellows, and blue in the flame
North Water East, South-East Ease and abundance Blue of the oceans, dark blue, and black
East Yang wood South Growth and vitality Dark green
South-East Yin wood South Growth and vitality Light and jade green
South-West, North-East, Centre Earth West, North-West Nourishment and stability All shades of brown, ochre, and dull yellow
West Yin metal North Clarity and preciseness White, silver , gold, and light metallic hues
North-west Yang metal North Sharpness, clarity, and preciseness White, silver, gold, and dark metallic hues