As the air gets crisp outside, the statement stripes and polka adds are all that you need to add that glint of warmth to your interiors.

1. the right play

With so many options to play upon with stripes and polka dots, getting that right balance and that graceful blend is all that it takes to turn your usual décor into a striking one. Take a note of where and how you want to use these patterns. Is it a dotted wallpaper, a comfy couch or the art pieces donning your place? Select the right one and you’re good to go.

2. kitchen friendly

How about giving a ravishing twist to your kitchenware by sprinkling some polka dots to them? Be it fridge magnets, aprons, napkins, tablecloths or tableware, your kitchen gear can certainly get accentuated once you know how to nail this retro pattern beautifully. Just be good with colour mixtures and balancing contrast, and don’t overdo it.

3. eleganT statement

If you are bored of the usual wall colours, playing around with dots and stripes will bring a sense of style to your room. To make your walls appear higher, go for vertical stripes and to make the room appear more spacious, go for horizontal ones. A nice, dotted wallpaper, or a plain wall, with dotted curtains, rugs, sofas, and cushions can really turn the décor game and reinvent your room’s usual look.

4. artistic galore

To enliven your plain backdrop, all you need to do is to bring in a few vases with a polka-dotted design, filled with fresh flowers, and they will make for a striking art pieces adorning your home’s corners. Striped pendant lamps and pots can also lend a modern flair to any shelf giving it a vibrant zing.

5. subtlety for the win

To give your bathroom an interesting touch, dotted tiles and shower curtains are a good option. They will add a playful sophistication. Just make sure that you stick to a soft colour palette to keep it from looking too flashy. Also, framed polka-dotted designs can be hung on the bathroom walls. A nice, polka-dotted mat, towels, napkins, or vases are also a good option to keep in your bathroom.


The best thing about playing with these patterns is that they gel with any décor setting, be it traditional, transitional or modern. Apart from the classy hues, the polka dots also add that cheery effect seamlessly.