It’s the one thing all homeowners dread: moving.If you’re on the brink, these tips will help.


Those fragile valuables will need extra padding. Wrap them in your socks along with bubble wrap.

It is a lot easier to locate a missing item on moving day, than a month later. Your favourite dinner set that’s gone AWOL won’t be a problem, if you’ve made an inventory (and double-checked it) while your guys were at work.



Winging it on your own is easier said than done. Reserve your strength (and peace of mind) for setting up your new abode. That said, before the big day comes, do some prep yourself. Pack valuables, crockery, linens, and clothes on your own. Leaving it all for the movers and packers can make the move a messy affair, with more chances of you misplacing or leaving behind stuff.


Before the movers and packers swoop in, discard all that you haven’t used in the last three years. Those baby clothes your little one is too big for, gifts you haven’t found a use for yet, clothes out of fashion—give them all away. Otherwise, you might just end up paying more for packing stuff you’re going to throw eventually.


If you’re looking to buy new furniture, you’ll need to do away with what you have now. Make use of websites like OLX and Quikr. Put up as many pictures as you can of what you want to sell; and quote a price that’s high enough to help you buy new furniture, but low enough for those looking to buy second-hand pieces.


On the big day, make an inventory to ensure nothing is left behind. Create a checklist in the order of what is being packed and loaded. Once you reach your new destination, cross off all that has been now unloaded and unpacked.