A flair for quintessence and the right balance of indigenous and exotic—that’s how you can seamlessly infuse Moroccan décor into your space. Take a look

Moroccan décor is all about having an eye for the intricate details, be it in decorative patterns or the affluence in colours owing to the prominence of its old world charm and a reflection of Mediterranean and Arab style. Here are some amazing cues that you can use to give a Moroccan touch to your place.

Moroccan Decor


Since Moroccan hues are dominated by the sand and sea, think deep reds, marine greens and ocean blues; followed by turquoise, red, gold, and orange, fuchsia and pinks as they bring in the true Mediterranean vibe. Don’t forget to add a subtle tint of neutrals while picking up bright colours.


Also known as stem roses, standards are hybrid but the grafting point is higher so as to give plants height. Colourful fragrant flowers form a cluster at the top. They are rooted on wild rose stems. Don’t prune standards like other hybrids, instead, leave about five stems all around. They are best grown in the ground and need a stake to keep them straight. Use a plastic stake rather than an iron or a wood one.


The easiest way to nail this wonderful décor is to go for intricate and colourful tile patterns. You can use these tiles on the floor, walls and even table tops as well. To add up a zing, mix and match different types of patterns, keeping the same colour theme. The more texture and patterns, the merrier!


Be it metal lamps, vases, tableware or metallic lanterns, look for quaint ornamental pieces if you want to bring in their finesse. Superbly carved metal and wooden wall mirror frames, serving trays, and wall hangings, silver trays and bowls, painted pottery are just some of the few pretty accessories that you can bring in and you are good to go.


One of the main reasons why people choose this theme is the vivid play of fabrics. You can hang your tapestries along a main wall, drape a center table with one or spread it across a simple sofa. The fabrics are stunning—think intricately embroidered tablecloths, pillows, curtains, carpets, etc.