Keep carpets looking new, as the day they were bought, with these easy-care tips.

Crumple Free

Never store carpets vertically on one end. The weight of the carpet can crinkle and crease that end, disfiguring it permanently.


Placing heavy furniture on a carpet is a sure-shot way of causing dents. Thankfully, treating the indentation is easy. Start by wetting the area—either let an ice cube melt over the patch, or use a steam iron for the task. Blot the excess water with a clean rag cloth, then run a comb over the area to get the fibres back in shape.


Getting stains off carpets can be troublesome.Before using any cleaning agent, blot and scrape the affected area to take out as much of the spill as possible. Test the solution on an inconspicuous area first to ensure that it doesn’t discolour the carpet.Usually vinegar-based solutions are a safe bet for all stains.


Storing the carpet in the right manner contributes tremendously to increasing its lifespan. For starters, make sure that the carpet is not damp and completely dirt-free before rolling it up. Lay it flat in a cool and dry place that is pest-free. Put in some mothballs with the carpet as a precautionary measure.