Going on a long vacation? Leave your worries about home sweet home behind with these handy tips.

Quick Recap

You already know all this, but in case you forget, here’s a quick recap of some must- dos before you leave.

1. Unplug all your appliances

Put your fridge on vacation mode, and follow suit for your DTH if you are on a pay- per-day plan.

2. Don’t let your mail pile up

Put your neighbours on mail duty. Also, stop your newspaper delivery.

3. Find your pet a home

If you don’t want to burden friends and family, try a boarding kennel. Visit dogsindia.com for options.

4. Don’t keep cash and jewellery at home

Tuck them away safely in your bank locker box; or at a relative’s place.

5. Keep your plants on a common landing

This way your neighbours can take care of them for you.

6. key to safety

Leave a key behind with a trusted neighbour or relative. Ask them to check in every few days to ensure there are no gas leaks, and that the safety of your abode has not been compromised. If you are going abroad, give your neighbours an e-mail id, where they can reach you in case of an emergency.

7. Time Out

Do you keep a few lights switched on when you’re away? You may think that it gives an impression that someone’s home, but when those lights don’t go off, even during the day, you send an open invitation to intruders. The solution: invest in light timer switches. Check out ebay.in for great deals.

8. Lock It Up

From cupboards to drawers—lock everything, and hide the keys in unusual places: inside opaque medicine bottles or sewn to a thick window curtain. And while you’re at it, roll up your carpets and place them in storage—you don’t want those expensive rugs to be soaking wet if rain water seeps in.

9. View From The Outside

Before you leave, take a look at your house from the street. Ensure no valuables—including your home theatre system, LCD, and other expensive gadgets—are in view. Put them away; or make use of thick panelled curtains and tall plants to hide pricey items from plain sight.