Be it furniture that you wish to upgrade or the extra paint that got splattered from a previous project, taking paint off from metal is not apiece of cake a. Here are some suggestions to help you carry out this arduous task smoothly.

The most effectual way to strike the deal here is to have a little patience. Using a right method can bring back your metal pieces to life. You can go for commercially available products too but some quick fixes at home can also serve the purpose right.


One of the easiest methods is to soak the metal pieces in a crock pot full of water. Add two tablespoons of liquid detergent and allow it to simmer for an hour. Once it’s done, brush off the remaining paint with a toothbrush from metal’s crevices. Just make sure that the task is done in a quick manner by dipping the metal back into the boiling water so that the paint is not given enough time to harden back again. ALTERNATIVE: You can also replace the detergent with add baking soda and repeat the same process. The paint will peel off easily when you will extract the items from the water.



You can choose from a variety of paint removers depending upon your metal type which are easily available in hardware stores. Make sure that you stick to the instructions. After applying it, chip off the paint using a metal scraper once the paint starts to bubble up. When finished, wipe the surface with a rag dampened with mineral spirits, then wash off the metal with water and leave it to dry up. Always ensure to carry out the task in a well ventilated area.



Those uneven layers of paint over your met sheen and one of the ways to set them right is to repaint. For this, taking off the previous paint can become quite a task. Try sanding the metal object with 80-grit sandpaper. When the layers of paint are mostly removed, finish the removal process with 120-grit. Do not forget to wear a mask to avoid inhaling paint dust.