Infuse those old-world charming touches into your home décor. We help you get started.

Take a leaf out of your memory lane and create those golden-olden looks, right in your home. You can take inspiration from your favourite café or a flea store. Here are a few ideas to help you get that look. 

Scout flea market

What’s better than your local used furniture market or special flea markets to get those rare finds. Before buying or even bargaining, make a list of all the things that have stuck your eye, and try to imagine them in your space. If something sticks out like sore thumb, chuck it, even if you love it.

Mapping the world

Make a cosy study room with a wallpaper featuring an old map of the world or even of the Middle Ages! Cover one wall completely and place your study table in front of it. Accent the wall with green foliage and light, airy curtains.

Upgrade furniture

Turn your critical eye on your existing furniture and decide which ones can be given an upgrade. For a vintage look, all you need is to give them a fresh coat of paint in a distressed style, change of fabric and stuffing. For example, a contemporary steel dining table with a glass top can be give a royal change. Paint the steel in a dull rose gold and seal it with a matte top coat. Then place an embroidered fabric under the glass top and fix it. Place the glass top and your vintage dining table is done.

Black & white

Preserve your memories in a sepia world. Put together your favourite photographs in black-and-white frames of different sizes. Add a few classic movie posters in this collage and create a passage of your memories.

Slipper bath

Replace your contemporary bathroom for a luxurious, royal one. Scout the vintage stores for a copper, brass or French-style slipper bath tub. Install it along with a huge, statement mirror and an all-white console. Deck up the space with a vintage chandelier and your boudoir is ready. Place a few lace hand towels, perfumed soaps in dainty bowls and a petite clear glass vase with a single white rose!

Books, books and more books

Nothing speaks more Victorian than a good-sized library. Sadly, with space constraints, making a separate library is out of question. To get that feel though, all you must do is allocate a spare wall for your precious books. Get a carpenter to build shelves along the whole wall. Then stack all your books together with a few knickknacks and photographs thrown in. Your me-time corner is ready.

Waste not want not

Remember those old trunks, suitcases, kettle, pots, that have been lying around in your loft for ever. Don’t throw them, instead bring them out and upscale each of these jewels! Give a pastel coat of paint to the trunks and suitcase and use them as low coffee tables or even seaters ( just place a fur-style cushion on top of them). The kettles and pot can be used to make charming planters. Get your children together and let them paint their imagination. Not only will you keep them entertained, but also, have a funky balcony to display your kids’ talent.