The equity shares, non convertible debentures and warrants issued by the Corporation are listed on BSE Limited and the National Stock Exchange of India Limited and tradable on all the recognized stock exchanges. HDFC being entirely a non-promoter owned entity aims to provide detailed information to all investors.


History of Corporate Actions Since Incorporation

Date Corporate Actions
17-Oct-77 Incorporated as a public limited company
19-Sep-78 Public Issue of 399,874 equity shares (F.V.Rs. 100) priced at par
30-Oct-81 Final Dividend for 1980-81 - Rs.5 per equity share
26-Oct-82 Final Dividend for 1981-82 - Rs.7.50 per equity share
25-Oct-83 Final Dividend for 1982-83 - Rs.10 per equity share
26-Oct-84 Final Dividend for 1983-84 - Rs.12 per equity share
30-Oct-85 Final Dividend for 1984-85 - Rs.13 per equity share
15-Oct-86 Final Dividend for 1985-86 - Rs.15 per equity share
15-Apr-87 Rights Issue of 500,000 equity shares (F.V.100) at par
6-May-87 Public Issue of 500,000 equity shares (F.V.Rs. 100) priced at par
27-Oct-87 Final Dividend for 1986-87 - Rs.16 per equity share
25-Oct-88 Final Dividend for 1987-88 - Rs.17 per equity share
25-Jul-89 Final Dividend for 1988-89 (on 9 months) - Rs.14 per equity share
31-Jul-90 Final Dividend for 1989-90 - Rs.20 per equity share
18-Dec-90 Rights Issue of 1,000,000 equity shares (F.V.100) at a premium of Rs.75 per share
1-Jan-91 Public Issue of 1,450,000 equity shares (F.V.Rs. 100) at a premium of Rs.85 per share
30-Jul-91 Final Dividend for 1990-91 - Rs.22 per equity share
7-Jul-92 Final Dividend for 1991-92 - Rs.24 per equity share
25-Feb-93 47,25,000 FCD's of Rs. 800 each at the ratio of 1FCD for every 2 Equity share held consisting of 2 parts - Part A and Part B of Rs. 400 each (100 + 300 premium)
27-Jul-93 Final Dividend for 1992-93 - Rs.25 per equity share
17-Jun-94 Final Dividend for 1993-94 - Rs.28 per equity share
4-Aug-94 Private Placement of 900,000 equity shares (F.V. Rs. 100) to Financial Institutions
25-Jul-95 Final Dividend for 1994-95 - Rs.32 per equity share
17-Oct-95 Private Placement of 1,786,400 equity shares (F.V. Rs. 100) to Foreign Institutional Investors
6-Aug-96 Final Dividend for 1995-96 - Rs.37 per equity share
25-Jun-97 Final Dividend for 1996-97 - Rs.45 per equity share
11-Jul-98 Final Dividend for 1997-98 - Rs.75 per equity share
10-Jul-99 Final Dividend for 1998-99 - Rs.85 per equity share
6-Aug-99 Splitting of Shares from FV of Rs 100 to FV of Rs 10
28-Feb-00 Special Millenium Dividend - Rs.10 per equity share
8-May-00 Second Interim Dividend - Rs. 9 per equity share
18-Jul-01 Final Dividend for 2000-01 - Rs.12.50 per equity share
26-Jul-02 Final Dividend for 2001-02 - Rs.25 per equity share
30-Dec-02 Issue of Bonus Shares - Ratio 1:1
19-Jul-03 Final Dividend for 2002-03 - Rs.11 per equity share
20-Jul-04 Final Dividend for 2003-04 - Rs.13.50 per equity share
16-Jul-05 Final Dividend for 2004-05 - Rs.17 per equity share
19-Jul-06 Final Dividend for 2005-06 - Rs.20 per equity share
28-Jun-07 Final Dividend for 2006-07 - Rs.22 per equity share
17-Jul-08 Final Dividend for 2007-08 – Rs.25 per equity share
23-Jul-09 Final Dividend for 2008-09 – Rs.30 per equity share
24-Aug-09 Combined offerings of Warrants with NCDs to QIBs on a QIP basis
15-Jul-10 Final Dividend for 2009-10 – Rs.36 per equity share
21-Aug-10 Splitting of Shares from FV of Rs 10 to FV of Rs 2
9-Jul-11 Final Dividend for 2010-11 – Rs. 9 per equity share of Rs. 2 each
12-Jul-12 Final Dividend for 2011-12 – Rs. 11 per equity share of Rs. 2 each
24-Aug-12 Last date for submission of Warrant Exercise Form
20-Jul-13 Final Dividend for 2012-13 - Rs. 12.50 per equity share of Rs. 2 each
22-Jul-14 Final Dividend for 2013-14 - Rs. 14 per equity share of Rs. 2 each
30-Mar-15 Interim Dividend for 2014-15 – Rs. 2 per equity share of Rs.2 each
29-Jul-15 Final Dividend for 2014-15 - Rs. 13 per equity share of Rs. 2 each
07-Apr-16 Interim Dividend for 2015-16 – Rs. 3 per equity share of Rs.2 each
28-Jul-16 Final Dividend for 2015-16 - Rs. 14 per equity share of Rs. 2 each

Equity History

Stock Exchange / Trustees

The equity shares, non-convertible debentures and the warrants issued by the Corporation are listed on:

BSE Limited (BSE)

Phiroze Jeejeebhoy Towers
Dalal Street, Fort
Mumbai – 400 001

Tel Nos.: +91 22-2272 1233 / 34
Fax Nos.: +91 22-2272 1919


National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE)

Exchange Plaza, Bandra-Kurla Complex
Bandra (East),
Mumbai – 400 051

Tel Nos.: +91 22-2659 8100/ 114
Fax Nos.:+91 22-2659 8120


Stock Exchange Codes: Reuters Code: Bloomberg Code:

ISIN for equity shares: INE001A01036 | ISIN for warrants: INE001A13031

The Debenture Trustees are:

IDBI Trusteeship Services Limited.

Asian Building, Ground Floor
17, R. Kamani Marg, Ballard Estate
Mumbai – 400 001

Central Bank of India.

Debenture Trustee Section
Merchant Banking Division
4th Floor, MMO Building
55, Mahatma Gandhi Road
Fort, Mumbai 400 001