Choosing The Right Blinds!

With so many options available, where does one start shopping for the perfect set of...

5 Stunning Staircases to Fall in Love With!

Now here’s a home feature that has a surprising amount of potential to be creative with. If

Evaluating An Interior Designer

Sonika Das is an Architect and Interior Designer with several years of experience. She shares

5 simple things you can do to transform your home in one weekend!

We’ve decided to kill the indecision by being fix-up heroes this weekend. That art


How to Make Coasters for Festive Season- Learn how to make coasters with different

5 Simply Scrumptious Dining Rooms!

With so many dining room ideas comprising of different types of dining tables, chair designs, and

Trendy Lighting ideas

The Diwali season goes by and the diyas and candles find themselves slowly being put

DIY Multi-Purpose Storage Unit

Tired of cluttered kitchen counters? Is your bathroom shelf overflowing with

Garden Companions

Conventional wisdom dictates growing one plant in one pot. While this may look

Mobile Towers

Mobile phone towers are omnipresent in India today. Every nook and corner has one

Winter Flowers

Commonly known as wool flowers or brain celosia, this breath-taking flower belongs to the amaranth

Home Upgrade

We bring to you 16 ideas to refresh, reinvest and upscale your home...

Click Print Update

We know how much you love capturing and uploading your favorite moments on

Vintage Vows

What’s better than your local used furniture market or special flea markets to get those rare

Chick Chalk Tricks

Easy and breezy yet classy and handy, chalkboard paint can be your next décor favorite...

Keep Your Summer Garden Blooming

Some basic guidelines to keep your garden looking beautiful through the summer.

Blooming beauties

Climbing plants are gorgeous but when they’re also flowering.

Plaid pleasure

Give your home a Scottish twist with the classic plaid fabric.

Moroccan Decor

A flair for quintessence and the right balance of indigenous and exotic...

Small space, Big ideas

Decorating small living rooms doesn’t have to be a hassle. Our small living room decorating

Nifty niches

Stuck with those awkward corners and nooks in your home? Here are some simple

The game changers

How about tweaking your mundane coffee table scene a bit and giving your living room a

Home Flooring

Flooring is the base that holds your home together. While walls have their place in the

DIY Ideas for the Festive season

Diwali calls for some DIY, of course! So use your creativity and add peppy décor elements

Pop goes my heart

Brighten up your home with cheerful hues to stylishly bring in happiness and harmony. We

Lovely Roses

Forget gifting flowers, build a rose garden instead. Winter is the perfect month to plant roses.

Control Those Pests

No garden is free of pests and disease. Fungal infections, caterpillars, beetles, dogs...

Paper Sorting

Simple tweaks are all you need to get rid of that paper clutter. Take notes.

75 Expert Home reboot Ideas

Does the thought of giving your home a makeover seem like an expensive affair?

Let there be light!

When choosing the perfect lamps for your interiors, don’t ignore the lampshade! We

Flower Show - Hibiscus

Nothing exudes exotica like the beautiful hibiscus bloom. A plant of the tropical and

Antiques of the future

Don’t discard those charming vintage ‘have-beens’. Upscale them to make for a unique

Be a herbivorous

Herbs are dubbed one of the easiest plants to grow in a garden or container. Here’s how

The dotted lines

As the air gets crisp outside, the statement stripes and polka adds are all that you need to

A Beginner’s Manual To Sowing & Creating Saplings

Germinating seeds and growing saplings isn’t rocket science. Yet, it’s easy to get it wrong.

Blooming Tales

Fresh flowers bouquet? Follow these simple steps to keep them fresh for longer.

Auspicious Abode

Make way for a skillful balance of energies in your home to bring in that extra sunshine...

Sending Zen vibes

Want a cosy corner inside your home where chaos and stress aren’t allowed? We get you

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting can save water and support the planet. Here’s how you get started…

Plant care during holidays

Plan ahead to take care of your beautiful garden while you are on a long, much-needed

Why We Love Innovation

We’ve put together a collection of more than 15 gadgets, apps, and ideas — high-tech and low-

Floral Rules

Weave the magic of these mysterious prints into your life, allowing them to spread a

Safety Watch

Going on a long vacation? Leave your worries about home sweet home behind with these

Miniature Plants

Miniature plants tend to get overlooked, much to our folly. But like the old adage goes...

Get your garden summer ready

Anxious that the hot season will leave your plants dead as dust? Our detailed guide to a

The drip effect

Prevention is better than cure, especially when it comes to seepage. Follow these tips to

20 strokes of power

Here are 20 bold, statement-making decor ideas that will help you transform a home


Keep carpets looking new, as the day they were bought, with these easy-care tips.

On Floor Duty

For all your ‘flooring’ surfaces, we’ve got just the solution to take them from stained to...

Make a Move

It’s the one thing all homeowners dread: moving.If you’re on the brink, these tips

Frame It Right!

You don’t have to break the bank to adorn your walls. Well-framed artefacts can make

New Lease Of Life

Spray-painting your dull and uninspiring furniture will breathe life into it. We tell you

Cultivating Lotuses

Cultivated for their showy blooms and glossy leaves, gorgeous lotuses can also add

Perfecting The Potting Mix

When you grow herbs and veggies in containers, soil compaction and rapid depletion of nutrients...

It’s an Arrangement

Use this season favourite flowers for your floral bouquets and brighten up your life! Plus...

Magnificient Warriors

According to a 2016 survey of 3,000 world cities, published by the World Health Organisation...

Leftover paint

Well! One can never accurately measure how much we need when it comes to paints. And in

Milky way

Maintaining light décor products and furnishings can seem like a daunting task, but it’s not...

Let’s Go Rustic

You have no idea what a reclaimed piece of wood can do to your space in giving it a seamless...

Take It Easy

Be it furniture that you wish to upgrade or the extra paint that got splattered from a previous...


Be it a work of art or as stand out décor piece, a mirror can astoundingly enhance your home’s...

Trendy Homes in 2017

Home is where the heart is! So, if you are looking to revamp your space, now’s the time...

Going Beyond The Obvious!

Got a ladder at home and thinking what to do with it? Well, it can work really well especially as...

10 Décor Mistakes To Avoid

It is easy to fall prey to décor slip-ups when you’re not an interior decorator. Here are some...

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