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Home Upgrade

We bring to you 16 ideas to refresh, reinvest and upscale your home.


Know about the various kinds of housing loans

A home loan is available in many forms depending on your specific needs. Some people may want…


Home loans are for all - Salaried and Self Employed

A home loan is a tool which helps you to purchase your dream house by giving you access to the…


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We know how much you love capturing and uploading your favorite moments on Instagram.


Loans can fund your home extension too

There might have been a period in your life when you shared a room with a friend or colleague.


Vintage Vows

What’s better than your local used furniture market or special flea markets to get those rare…


Chick Chalk Tricks

Easy and breezy yet classy and handy, chalkboard paint can be your next décor favorite.


Understand the Important Clauses in Your Home Loan Agreement

Buying a home evokes a number of feelings and emotions; happiness, pride, relief, security and…


Importance of an NOC after closing your home loan

A No Objection Certificate (NOC) is a legal document issued by a housing finance company or…